Collectionzz creates screenprints for the greatest bands and musicians in music history, and they have curated a special collection of posters just for UCR!

Every print Collectionzz releases is done in direct collaboration with the bands and musicians to commemorate their most iconic moments - from landmark albums to pivotal concerts that changed the history of rock music forever. They take their art as seriously as you do the music, and work only with the best artists to make sure their prints are worthy of the moments they commemorate. All releases are truly limited edition, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Remember the classic concert posters from the 60s and 70s? Those were mostly screenprinted posters that were meticulously made by hand, and have stood the test of time. Nowadays, most posters are mass produced from digital printers and are junk that aren’t worth hanging. Collectionzz uses the old school screenprinting process that made the classic posters so amazing, and each of their prints are made by hand using the highest quality inks and papers.

Take a look at Collectionzz’s site, and also make sure to follow them on Instagram (@collectionzz) for news about their latest releases!


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