Actor Macaulay Culkin's band the Pizza Underground was booed off stage and pelted with beer during their recent set at the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham, England.

The Pizza Underground performs tributes to the Velvet Underground but with a twist: Rather than playing straight-forward versions of Lou Reed and company's classic tracks, they substitute pizza-centric themes into the lyrics.

It is reported that the crowd at the Nottingham edition of Dot to Dot allowed the group to perform only one song - 'Pizza Day,' their version of Reed's 'Perfect Day' -- before quickly forcing them from the stage.

After the barrage of beer started coming their way, Culkin reportedly addressed the audience asking, "Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them!" But when the beer didn't stop flowing from the crowd -- and we don't mean that in an endearing way -- Culkin stopped the show, telling the audience, "That's the end of the show, goodnight."

For what it's worth, the Pizza Underground were reportedly also booed at their subsequent performance at Dot to Dot in Bristol, England, but they were not bombarded with beer.

Watch the Pizza Underground In Action

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