Genesis drummer Phil Collins left an awards ceremony early over the weekend due to a flare-up of an ongoing condition of nerve damage, which, as he revealed in 2009, has left him unable to play the drums.

He was set to present a gong to former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who was given the Icon Award at the Mojo Awards. Instead, he was “half-carried” out before he had the chance to make the presentation.

Before he left the event, though, Collins reportedly revealed that his love for music is gone.

“I actually don’t like music that much. I don’t really listen to music. My youngest daughter, Lily, she’ll play me stuff and I’ll say, 'Wow, that’s great, who’s that? But, really, no.”

He's occupying his time these days pursuing a new career as a historian, channeling a lifelong hobby of collecting memorabilia from the Alamo into his new occupation. Collins has written a book on the subject of Texas history and is now looking for a publisher.

While Collins’ own enjoyment of music may have evaporated, his body of output to date ranks highly with the fans. We recently ranked his work with Genesis on the ‘Abacab’ album at No. 9 on our Top 10 Albums of 1981.

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