Who looks happier, Phil Collins or WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton? One could make an argument for either of these legends of their trade. We're betting Collins requested a photo with Orton however, as this pic was snapped at a WWE Smackdown event in Switzerland last weekend.

We'll ignore that Collins looks much too comfortable under the wing of a shirtless man with bulging abs in tights that barely pull past his Sharpshooter (Any Bret Hart fans out there?). We're just happy that Orton was in a rare good mood, and that the voices in his head didn't drive him to thrust Collins's head through the overhead duct work. There's an unwritten rule however, about hitting a man in glasses and Haggar shirts three sizes too big.

It's not clear what brought the former Genesis drummer/singer out to Smackdown. Perhaps professional wrestling has replaced his lost love for music? Wouldn't it be great to see him pull a Dennis Rodman and enter the ring? That seems unlikely due to his nagging back injury, maybe he was just there to convince Orton to change his theme music to a Genesis hit? Although 'Sussudio' probably wouldn't do much to intimidate the likes of Triple H.

The Brit will more likely keep to his quiet life, studying and writing history books as time allows. We're trying to decide is more humbling, this one or this summer's pic of Kiss drummer Eric Singer holding Gene Simmons' hand while wearing full makeup and boxer shorts?

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