Phil Collins begins a comprehensive reissue campaign this fall, starting with remastered and expanded editions of his 1981 solo debut Face Value and 1993's Both Sides.

The reissues, both due Nov. 6, urge fans to "Take a Look at Me Now" by focusing on bonus material mostly culled from later live shows rather than period recordings. "I’ve always been quite proud of my demos and have often made them available as B-sides, but with a few exceptions, I have avoided including those on these collections," Collins explained in a press release. "Instead, I’ve focused on how nicely the songs developed when played on stage, rather than showing how they originated."

To that end, both Face Value and Both Sides boast newly photographed recreations of the original covers, depicting Collins as he is today, and add an extra disc of live cuts as well as "carefully selected demos and B-sides." Further installments in the "Take a Look at Me Now" series are planned for "the coming months."

Collins, whose last album of original material arrived in 2002, has suggested he's finished making new music, although he admitted to Rolling Stone that he does occasionally consider the prospect of getting back to work. "At some point I may go down to my studio in the basement and muck about some," he mused. "I've got a couple of things that I think are great, but I don't want to get caught up in that rock and roll promotion thing."

The reissued Face Value and Both Sides will be available in a variety of configurations, including digital and two-CD packages as well as 180-gram vinyl editions that forego the bonus material and present standalone remasters of the original LPs. Fans also have the option of purchasing a deluxe CD or vinyl box that houses the expanded versions, with additional room for future installments in the series.

Phil Collins, 'Face Value' Remastered Track Listing
"In the Air Tonight"
"This Must Be Love"
"Behind the Lines"
"The Roof Is Leaking"
"Hand in Hand"
"I Missed Again"
"You Know What I Mean"
"Thunder and Lightning"
"I’m Not Moving"
"If Leaving Me Is Easy"
"Tomorrow Never Knows"
"Misunderstanding" – Live
"If Leaving Me Is Easy" – Live
"In the Air Tonight" – Live
"Behind the Lines" – Live
"The Roof Is Leaking" – Demo
"Hand in Hand" – Live
"I Missed Again" – Live
"...And So to F" – Live
"This Must Be Love" – Live
"Please Don’t Ask" – Demo
"Misunderstanding" – Demo
"Against All Odds" – Demo

Phil Collins, 'Both Sides' Remastered Track Listing
"Both Sides of the Story"
"Can’t Turn Back the Years"
"I’ve Forgotten Everything"
"We’re Sons of Our Fathers"
"Can’t Find My Way"
"We Fly So Close"
"There’s a Place for Us"
"We Wait and We Wonder"
"Please Come Out Tonight"
"Take Me With You"
"Both Sides of the Story" – Live
"Can’t Turn Back the Years" – Live
"Survivors" – Live
"Everyday" – Live
"We Wait and We Wonder" – Live
"Can’t Find My Way" – Demo
"I’ve Been Trying"
"Both Sides of the Story"
"Hero" – Demo

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