Phil Anselmo will undergo back surgery on Jan. 31 to address a problem that’s been causing him pain for 10 years, he revealed in a new interview. The former Pantera frontman had previously received treatment for back injuries sustained during his life on the road.

“I’m going under the knife next Wednesday,” he told Jack Antonio (via Vintage Vinyl News). “I'm having a follow-up surgery that's gonna nip something that has been nagging me for the last f---ing decade in the bud, and damn it, once this last little kink is ironed out, I'll feel a whole lot better, man. Which means a better me. That means more work, more gigs, more ability to do gigs, and s--- like that. So that's always wonderful."

Anselmo recently addressed the suggestion of a Pantera reunion built around a hologram of the band's late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who was killed on stage in 2004. “You know, it would have to be right,” he told Metal Wani. “I think everybody's heart would have to be in the right place, and I'm talking about the guys in the band.

“There's no way we could skimp on something like that. I mean, if we were gonna do a hologram of Dimebag, it would have to be flawless and it would have to be perfect, just like he was every f---ing night, man. No matter how piss-ass drunk he would be, once that guitar was in his hand, he was a machine, man. So it would have to be perfect.”

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