Pete Way, the founding bassist for UFO, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. But he expects to make a full recovery.

The news was broken by Classic Rock Magazine, which quoted him as feeling "good, positive and determined to beat it.” Way was diagnosed this past summer during a routine check on his liver, which has been damaged over the years through hepatitis. The abdominal scan picked up the tumor on his prostate.

“I was lucky," Way said. "They were checking my liver, not my prostate. They found it by accident. I didn’t think I had any symptoms, but when I spoke to the doctors, and they were asking me all those questions, I did have the symptoms. I just didn’t know what they were.”

The diagnosis means that his upcoming album, 'Walking on the Edge,' will not be released until early 2014 because of his upcoming treatment, which involves radiotherapy sessions every day for a month to shrink the tumor, as well as hormone medication.

"It'll take more than cancer to stop me, but it does mean I will have to postpone the release of the album until early in the new year while I am having treatment," Way wrote on his Facebook page. "I'll update my pages regularly so my friends and fans will know how I am doing. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. They are much appreciated."

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