Following the death of folk icon Pete Seeger, Twitter blew up yesterday with fans paying respect . . . to Bob Seger. Apparently, some people got the 'We Shall Overcome' songsmith confused with the 'Old Time Rock & Roll' singer, who's still very much alive.

According to the Daily Dot, more than a few clueless music fans expressed their grief on Twitter over the passing of a music legend. And of course they mourned the wrong music legend:

Things got even more surreal as folks started giving Seger credit for songs he didn't even write, like the Steve Miller Band's 'Fly Like an Eagle' and Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker Street':

By the end of the day, it was hard to tell who was trolling Twitter and who was genuinely confused about which music legend passed away. You'd think the fact that almost every single obituary mentioned Seeger's age -- 94! -- would tip off the misinformed that maybe Mr. Night Moves wasn't the right guy.

At least one person tried to straighten things out (even though he too was wrong):

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