Sorry, Miley Cyrus. If the latest sales tracking data is on target, it looks like Pearl Jam's new record is going to keep you out of the top spot this week.

Vintage Vinyl News reports that the band's new record, 'Lightning Bolt,' is projected to move between 170,000 and 180,000 copies, which would put it on track to surpass the "around 100,000" that Cyrus' 'Bangerz' is reportedly due to sell. It's an impressive coup on Pearl Jam's part. Even though, as VVN's report points out, every one of the band's albums has reached the Top 5, this is definitely Cyrus' moment in the pop-culture spotlight.

Less impressive is the first-week sales data for Paul McCartney's 'New,' which enjoyed a massive promotional blitz that found McCartney playing songs and fielding interviews pretty much everywhere. In spite of McCartney's recent omnipresence and a spate of positive reviews for the new material, it looks like he's only set to move 70-75,000 units. As VVN's report points out, roughly the same number of copies that his 'Kisses on the Bottom' LP debuted with in 2012.

Regardless of how the numbers shake out, it's good to see a couple of veteran acts at the top of the charts. For a peek at which classic-rock records might become hits in November, take a look at our list of next month's biggest new releases here.

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