Matt Cameron will definitely look fondly upon 2011, as it was the year that his current band, Pearl Jam, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 'Ten' album and spent a good portion of the year reflecting through concerts, films, books and special appearances. It was also the year that his original band, Soundgarden, truly started to find their groove as they worked toward a new album and played some dates after reuniting.

But 2011 was just the appetizer and Cameron reveals to Rhythm Magazine (via Grunge Report) that the "main course," in other words new music from both bands, isn't that far off. Though Pearl Jam have remained a bit quieter concerning the progress of their next record, Cameron revealed that they are moving forward and that it's his plan to finish recording his parts before leaving to join Soundgarden on tour in November.

He says that's it's a bit of an adjustment working between the two bands, and adds that Soundgarden requires the volume of what he does to go louder.

As for Soundgarden, Cameron says fans shouldn't worry about too much change in the years that they've been away. The drummer says, "It's not going to be a drastic change at all. It's definitely what people expect to hear from the group. We're not going electronic, there's no loops, no computers, none of that kind of stuff. It's still humans playing instruments; just it's more mature humans. Let's put it that way."

Cameron credits nearly two months of writing and working out music before hitting the record button for giving the band the confidence and adjustment period needed after being away for so long. He adds that the new Soundgarden album remains untitled, but the band has been eyeing a potential October release date for the disc.