It’s been eight years since Paul Stanley released his last solo album, ‘Live to Win,’ but based on some recent comments, it looks like he isn’t done creating music outside of the confines of Kiss just yet.

In an interview with Nashville Scene, the singer discussed the possibility of creating a new record. “I’m not done, so sure,” Stanley said. “The next one I guarantee will be much more guitar-driven. ‘Live to Win’ was really me wanting to push the envelope of what people wouldn’t expect from me. But my next one would hearken back way more to the first, I’m sure.”

The first one he’s referring to, of course, is his 1978 self-titled release that hit the shelves alongside the solo efforts by the other three members of Kiss. Stanley’s record was the band’s second-most successful after then-lead guitarist Ace Frehley. Bassist Gene Simmons' work came in third in sales with drummer Peter Criss bringing up the rear. All four records charted in the Top 50.

In the meantime, Kiss is keeping busy prepping for their upcoming tour with Def Leppard and next week, the band will be back in the national eye performing alongside Caleb Johnson on the season finale of American Idol. They last appeared on the program in 2009.

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