Paul Simon is out on the road in support of his recently released album, 'So Beautiful or So What.' The North American tour, which features the singer-songwriter performing at both theaters and clubs, is currently scheduled to last through a June 2 gig in Boston.

Prior to the trek, Simon said that he was looking forward to performing at intimate venues. "I want to play several songs from the new album and music from my repertoire that I either haven't played in concert or have played very seldom," he told Rolling Stone. "I'll play a few songs by other people, maybe a couple of Simon & Garfunkel songs. ... I might pick up my acoustic guitar and sing whatever comes into my mind. That's the fun of clubs -- it's looser."

'So Beautiful or So What' is Simon's first album since 2006's 'Surprise.' According to Simon, a few of the disc's tracks recall some of his classic hits. "There's a song, 'Dazzling Blue,' that could have been a Simon & Garfunkel song," he explained in a recent interview with The Onion. 'And the ballads, they’re not exactly alike, but they evolved from 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'." The album, which came out April 12, features the singles 'Getting Ready for Christmas Day' and 'The Afterlife.'

Paul Simon's Remaining North American Tour Dates:

5/2 -- Minneapolis, Minn.
5/6 -- Toronto, Ontario
5/7 -- Toronto, Ontario
5/10 -- New York, N.Y.
5/11 -- New York, N.Y.
5/16 -- Chicago, Ill.
5/17 -- Chicago, Ill.
5/19 -- Nashville, Tenn.
5/22 -- Gulf Shores, Ala. (festival appearance)
5/25 -- Washington, D.C.
5/27 -- Washington, D.C.
5/28 -- Atlantic City, N.J.
5/29 -- Mashantucket, Conn.
6/1 -- Boston, Mass.
6/2 -- Boston, Mass.

Watch the music video for Paul Simon's "The Afterlife" here:

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