Longtime Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers is excited for a stretch of European dates with his band, but not willing to commit to an extended tour. The singer says he's "too long in the tooth" to live the road life again, which is part of the reason he left Queen after four years.

In an interview with Spinner, Rodgers says he left his fill-in gig with Queen on good terms, and didn't rule out doing a few gigs with Brian May and company in the future. "Being in a band is all-consuming and I like to have a life," Rodgers says. "After leaving Queen I decided to stop doing those mega-four-month tours. I go out for a month and my dog recognizes me when I come home."

That led to a conversation about Bad Company's future. They'll play on June 9 in Sweden, and five times in Germany, but Rodgers doesn't expect much more "I don't like reunions that much. It's just so many people want it and I get talked into it."

Perhaps Adam Lambert will be on hand to lead Bad Company after Rodgers finishes with his band this summer. The singer and 'American Idol' runner-up was set to pick up the singing duties with Queen this summer, but their show at the Sonisphere Festival was cancelled.

"It's probably a dream come true for Adam, but I wonder if he has the groundwork to see him through a big tour with those guys," Rodgers said.

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