Since 2008, the surviving members of the classic Bad Company lineup have occasionally regrouped to play shows in select parts of the world, such as the United States and Japan.

Mainland Europe was not part of Bad Co.'s itineraries — until this year. Starting June 9 in Sweden, singer Paul Rodgers, guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke will launch a brief tour of continental Europe, their first one there since 1975 (way back when the band's second album, 'Straight Shooter,' was released).

Following their June 9 show on the closing day of the Sweden Rock Festival, Bad Company is scheduled to perform five times during Germany’s Rock the Nation Festival between June 11 and 16.

"It is amazing to me that there is still so much interest in Bad Company's music after all these years," Rodgers tells "We have toured in the U.S. and U.K. in the last couple of years, and it only seems fair to play for the faithful rock fans in Germany and Sweden. I can't wait to hit the stage and reconnect with our fans."

In other Paul Rodgers news, the singer recently released a new single, 'With Our Love.' The proceeds from the sale of this song will benefit the Racehorse Sanctuary & Rocking Horse Children’s Charity, amongst others.

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