Drummer Simon Kirke has indicated that his band, Bad Company, is done.

During an appearance on the Bob Lefsetz Podcast, Kirke was asked if Bad Company would ever perform again.

“Honestly, I doubt it,” the drummer remarked, “and I'll tell you why. I think a lot of people now already know that Paul Rodgers has had health problems. He went public with it a couple of weeks ago on CBS. They flew him out to New York and he came out with the fact that he has had some severe health problems in the last couple of years, a couple of strokes, quite a few mini strokes and heart troubles. And I honestly think that our, Bad Company's days are pretty much over.”

Kirke went on to point out that while he is personally in good health, other members of Bad Company have not been so fortunate. In addition to Rodgers’ problems, guitarist Mick Ralphs – the band’s only other surviving original member – suffered a stroke in 2016 and has never fully recovered.

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“It's paralyzed his left side, as most strokes do, so he's really out of commission. He's in a nursing home in England,” Kirke explained. “So he's really, his health is not good and certainly his playing days are over. So you know, we had a good run and I think we're going to lay the old Bad Company to rest pretty soon.”

What Is Bad Company's Legacy?

Kirke’s recent comments run counter to what Rodgers said earlier this year. During an October interview with radio host Eddie Trunk, the singer insisted there was “still a lot of life” in the group.

If Bad Company is indeed done, the band -- originally made up of musicians formerly in Free, Mott the Hoople and King Crimson -- leaves behind an impressive legacy as one of rock's greatest supergroups. They released 12 studio albums between 1974 and 1996, with four -- Bad Company (1974), Straight Shooter (1975), Run With the Pack (1976) and Desolation Angels (1979) -- reaching platinum sales or better in America. Meanwhile, "Can't Get Enough," "Feel Like Makin' Love" and "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy" were among their many hit songs.

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Bad Company went through many lineup changes over the years, along with multiple periods of inactivity. Kirke was the band's only consistent member throughout its existence.

The group’s last show took place on Oct. 18, 2019 in Las Vegas, the conclusion of their tour alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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