Paul Rodgers proves he's got plenty left to give while seamlessly blending a half a dozen different genres into his new single 'With Our Love,' a song whose proceeds will benefit the Racehorse Sanctuary & Rocking Horse Children's Charity amongst others.

The soulful lyrics work around a tightly produced arrangement of traditional rock n' roll instruments, plus a full string section and later, middle-eastern sounds. At times 'With Our Love' sounds like something Led Zeppelin would have tried to pull off during the late '90s Plant/Page reunion, but that's certainly no criticism. It's unique without being arrogant.

"Now you may say / I'm just a fool to try / But it's the only way / I can testify / I'm a high-flyin', daydreaming' believer in love," Rogers sings early in the song. There is no real chorus to sink one's teeth into, instead we're left to hold onto the psychedelic mood of his vocals and later a guitar solo.

"Now with you by my side / We can turn the tide / We change the world / One day at a time," he adds later. No, the words aren't terribly brilliant but the only thing worse than bland is too spicy. Rodgers plays it safe lyrically, while challenging his listeners musically.

Perhaps the Middle-Eastern vibe is overemphasized toward the end, but that's nitpicking. 'With Our Love' is a very creative song from a singer successfully beating old age away. He earns another half-star for his charity.

4 Stars
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