Paul McCartney believes that the Beatles would have regrouped had they all still been alive. In a recent interview, he said he's convinced that if John Lennon and George Harrison had survived, the tensions that split them up would have mellowed over the years, and that he and Ringo Starr would’ve agreed to a reunion with their mates.

The Beatles split in 1969, and it’s been widely reported that McCartney and Lennon had planned to make a high-profile comeback seven years later. In fact, the big event nearly happened on a Saturday night in New York City. Lorne Michaels, the brains behind America’s sensational live comedy show 'Saturday Night Live,' had jokingly offered the Beatles $3,000 to reunite on the show ("You wanna give Ringo a little less, that's fine..").

In 1976 while McCartney was visiting with Lennon, they actually tossed around the idea of just showing up on the set. In a recent article posted by the Express, Paul says that John initiated it, saying “We should go down, just you and me. We’ll just show up. There’s only two of us, we’ll take half the money.” Yet, after thinking about it for a bit, they quickly tossed the idea aside.

McCartney goes on to explain, “People actually thought I was the one who’d broken the Beatles up when I was the one trying to keep it together.” Though the Beatles had already done just about everything a band could possibly dream of doing, Paul admits, “it would’ve been great to go on forever.” He goes on to say that he's not a big believer in the ‘what if?,' but even so, he confesses “it’s nice to speculate.”