Former Beatle and living legend Paul McCartney is no stranger to stadium gigs and fat pay checks. However, for his recent performance at this past Friday's 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies, the 'Yesterday' singer was kind enough to donate his time for a whopping one pound.

Perhaps it was out of the kindness of his ever so wealthy heart, a gift given back to the world for all they've handed to him him over the years; or perhaps he just thought it'd be a truly epic move to perform at the Olympics.

Modern day Beatlemania aside, the truth is that organizers of the London 2012 Olympics report that Paul and other star performers all received the same low amount as payment. And for those of whom math isn't that strong, that comes out to about $1.57 in US dollars -- all for a performances that millions and millions of people will undoubtedly see.

The show -- assembled by 'Slumdog Millionaire' director Danny Boyle -- delivered spectacular presentations spanning many generations of British music history, including performances from two of today's hottest acts: grime star Rascal and the band Arctic Monkeys.

Now if we could only pay $1.57 to see Paul McCartney live in our hometown... that would be something!

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