Since the breakup of The Beatles, Paul McCartney has done quite well for himself with his various business ventures, which includes owning a wide range of music publishing.

Now it looks as though McCartney wants to break into the sightseeing business by offering up his own personal path through Liverpool, England, to the public.

"I have my own magical mystery tours of the city, my own special route I go on, and I think other people would love it, too," McCartney recently said. "I want to give something back to the locals."

McCartney certainly knows a thing or two about Liverpool: It’s where he was born (in 1942), and it’s also where he met John Lennon (in 1957). Liverpool is also where McCartney reportedly had a rare stage mishap when he took a tumble last December following his tour-ending gig at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

He ought to be standing tall in early February, though. That's when McCartney's new album of mostly covers, 'Kisses on the Bottom,' arrives in stores, and also when he'll be honored in Los Angeles as the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year.