It would seem that Paul McCartney tried to take Parliament's 1976 smash hit 'Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)' to heart. His Nov. 26 concert at Vancouver's BC Place caused damage to the lining of the stadium's new $465 million retractable roof, which was closed at the time.

The problem stemmed from the pyrotechnics that McCartney set off during 'Live and Let Die.' "The fireworks were literally bouncing off the rooftop [then] coming down a bit," explained Adam Lee, who attended the concert. "We all thought, ‘What if there’s a fire?'"

No injuries occured as a result of the explosions, but some panels in the roof's lining, which is made of a flame-resistant material, were singed. The stadium's management is, as of now, unsure of whether the damage can be cleaned or the panels will need to be replaced.

The Vancouver Fire Department is still looking into the incident, but it's possible that McCartney's crew may have miscalculated the distance between the stage and the roof, and used more explosives than they should have. For future events at the stadium, the fire department will now take a more active role in supervising the use of explosive materials.

Although McCartney will have to pay for the damages, he is not expected to be fined due to the fact that no one was hurt.

Watch Fireworks Hit the Roof of BC Place During 'Live and Let Die'

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