Sir Paul McCartney may be many things, but a phony is not one of them. In a recent interview with the Sunday Express, Paul let loose on the whole idea of bands faking it in concert via backing tapes and other trickery.

“To me the concert experience is at the heart of what music is about. You come to a show and you are in the room so it is the real thing. I have been to concerts where I think, ‘Oh, I really am in the room with Tony Bennett and it is like he is in my living room’. That is a great part of the experience. I then think, ‘Wait a minute, people must think that about me.'

Though longtime friend and engineer Pablo Boothroyd apparently spilled a bit of gossip to him about some artists who use backing tapes, Sir Paul refused to dish deeper dirt. “We are glad at the end five of us take a bow and there is nobody hidden under the stage either which I hear some naughty people do… sorry, I won’t say names.”

Aww....come on Paul!

"Our sound guy Pablo used to be on some tours," McCartney continues, "and at one point in the show a little red light would go on and he’d be live, and he would play it out for 30 seconds and the light would go off, and the tape would go on again. When we make mistakes playing live, we always turn it and say, tell you what – this proves we are live." Paul is not the only one of the old guard to lash out about such things. If you remember back in 2004, Elton John accused Madonna of lip-syncing in her concerts.

With no signs of slowing down, the new year brings another new album for the once and always Beatle. As previously reported, it will be a batch of love songs in the pop/jazz style, comprised mostly of standards from Paul's childhood memories with songs such as 'It's Only A Paper Moon ' and 'Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive', to name a couple. The album features only two new McCartney compositions, one of which, 'My Valentine,' was mistakenly rumored to be the album's title.

So what is the actually title of this heartfelt batch of romantic goodies? 'Kisses On The Bottom.' Yep, Sir Paul goes for a butt joke! Or is there, perhaps, more to the title than meets the derriere? We shall have to wait and see what Paul has up his, um, sleeve. 'Kisses On The Bottom' hits stores on Feb. 7.

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