Weeks after a heart attack sent him to the hospital, Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kantner says he's on the path to recovery.

Kantner offered fans an update on his condition at the Jefferson Starship Facebook page, writing that he's "feeling quite good and semi-normal, all things considered" and "recuperating at home."

While he's laid up, Kantner isn't just sitting idly by. In his post, he added that he's "working primarily and quite fervently" on a pair of books, a memoir titled Tales From the Mothership and a science-fiction novel he's currently calling Ice Age. He's also working on a new song, "Magdalene," which he notes is "coming along nicely."

He also added a dash of humor to his note, pointing out that he's narrowly avoided disaster plenty of times in the past, including a "motorcycle accident in the early '60s which left my head split open after a 40 mph crash into a telephone pole, head first" and a cerebral hemorrhage several decades ago — "and lastly, I lived with Grace Slick for several years!"

Health and work updates and wisecracks aside, Kantner made sure to "thank all my friends and fans for the outspoken support and concern shown me after my 'illness,'" adding, "I intend to be back playing music in a reasonable amount of time; when – to be yet determined. Keep the good wishes flowing."

The current incarnation of Jefferson Starship remains on the road while Kantner heals. For a detailed look at the band's upcoming itinerary, visit their official website.

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