The worst-case scenarios come true for just about everyone in the penultimate episode of Pam & Tommy.

Pamela Anderson loses her dignity and any chance at movie stardom, Tommy Lee finally realizes just how much damage his earlier impulsiveness caused his new wife, and carpenter turned thief turned illegal porn distributor Rand Gauthier realizes too late that he's hurt the wrong person.

After being subjected to a grueling and invasive legal deposition in last week's episode, Anderson (as portrayed by Lily James) puts on a brave face at the premiere of her first shot at big screen stardom, Barb Wire. Her hopes are quickly dashed when she hears exiting viewers joke about the low quality of the movie.

Lee (as portrayed by Sebastian Stan) tries to cheer Anderson up by sneaking her into a viewing of the movie with real fans, anticipating a better response. The pain they both feel when the sparse audience laughs at scenes intended to be serious is one of the series' most touching moments, as are Lee's attempts to console Anderson during their sad limo ride home.

But the series' true high point arrives earlier, as Gauthier (portrayed by Seth Rogen) reveals himself to Lee as the person who stole and sold the couple's private sex tape, and demands a late night meeting, still hoping to be reimbursed for the money he's owed for working on the couple's house.

Lee only agrees to the meeting in order to beat the hell out of Gauthier. The carpenter has prepared for that, choosing a spot where the two will be separated by a gigantic fence. So in Stan's most powerful and charismatic scene in the entire series, he lays his enemy to waste with words instead.

"So that's what this is about, all this for some lousy twenty-seven grand?," he asks Gauthier, who unconvincingly insists that his goal is to be made whole for the way Lee unjustly fired him and stole his tools.

"Uh, I don't see that happening," Lee retorts. "You being made whole. I may not know much, but I do know one thing and that is winners and losers and you son, are a loser. A bottom, a beta, a chump, a bitch. No twenty-seven grand's ever gonna change that. That's just you, bro. For life."

Taken aback, Gauthier's only counter is to call Lee a bad person. "Yeah, maybe, maybe I am," the Motley Crue star counters. "But what about Pamela, hmm? What did she do to deserve what you've done to her? Do you have any idea what you've put that warm, kind sweet woman through? Is she a bad person?"

Lee then torches the money instead of handing it over, and vows further revenge: "Now motherfucker, now it's on." But it's only a momentary victory, as both he and Gauthier will face further trials in the show's final episode.

'Pam & Tommy' Episode Seven Photos

Photos from the seventh episode of 'Pam & Tommy,' entitled 'Destroyer of Worlds'

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