Oh dear, Ozzy Osbourne's going around giving medical advice now. His new book, 'Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy,' which expands his recurring medical advice column from the pages of Rolling Stone, will hit stores Oct. 11.

The "Prince of Darkness," who recently diagnosed himself with depression over the loss of guitarist Randy Rhoads, and who was prescribed a night off in Belgium Saturday night (June 25) due to a bout with laryngitis, has been doling out lighthearted health and romantic advice ever since DNA testing back in 2010 proved that he was, in fact, a medical marvel of survival.

As Ozzy himself told the London Times (which ran the column prior to Rolling Stone), "I'm the last person to ask advice about health. It's not fit to be taken seriously." Still, his good natured, humorous and common-sense approach to readers' frequently embarrassing medical questions are worth a laugh.

Take his view on anti-depressants: "Fabulous things ... but they’ll play havoc with your meat and two veg," or his method for preemptively keeping your son off cigarettes: "Throw some [cigarette] ash on his cornflakes. With any luck, that’ll do the trick."

The book will feature the best entries from the column, as well as all-new questions from celebrities, memories of how exactly Osbourne survived his own drug and alcohol troubles, and special charts and graphs.

Listen, kiddies, let's make this clear: Love Ozzy, respect Ozzy, by all means, worship Ozzy. But realize that he is not a licensed doctor of any sort, and above all else, do NOT attempt to live your life in his footsteps.

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