Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads

Our photo of the week travels back nearly thirty years goes back to one of the more colorful incidents in Ozzy Osbourne's solo career, specifically, the night after he was arrested for soiling a beloved American landmark.

This photo was taken standing on a chair from the 2nd row of the infamous San Antonio "Alamo Incident" gig back in 1982.  Ozzy was arrested after urinating on the cradle of Texas liberty, The Alamo, the night before the show in San Antonio supporting the 'Diary Of A Madman' album.

He was taken to jail, and the local newspapers the next day proclaimed "Rock Star Spurs Near Riot" on their front page headlines. Meanwhile, Ozzy was tossing little quotes out in the article like, "Why do I eat bats?" - "Because it's meat - just because it doesn't say Colonel Sanders on it doesn't mean it's not any good...!" and "If I had kids, I wouldn't let 'em come to my concert...."

Ozzy was just let out of jail to perform this show. Two poignant things come to mind about this photograph. Ozzy is looking right in the camera with that "caged look", and we get to see the legendary Randy Rhoads in action a mere month before the tragic plane crash that would take his life.

You can see more photos of Ozzy Osbourne and other great rock icons at MarkBowmanImages.com.

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