Ozzy Osbourne's own wild behavior has endangered his life more times than he can probably count. On March 25, 2005, however, he escaped a potential tragedy that had nothing to do with rock-star excess.

Osbourne and his wife Sharon were asleep in bed when they were jolted awake after a smoke alarm went off just before midnight, according to the Daily Telegraph. The couple discovered a fire in the living room of the main building on their seven-acre estate. Rushing outside with their pets, they watched from the garden as a four-man firefighter crew fought the blaze, which was ultimately "thought to have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage."

A spokesperson for the fire department speculated that it may have started due to some sort of electrical problem. "Two men and one woman were treated at the scene after suffering from breathing in smoke," the spokesperson added, "but they were OK."

The fire, which was later determined to have been caused by heat from a fireplace igniting nearby wood paneling, was only the latest in a series of calamities at the Buckinghamshire estate. In 2003, Ozzy nearly died after suffering serious injuries in an ATV accident on the premises, and the following year, he fought burglars who made off with some of the family jewels.

There have been additional problems in recent years, too. In 2014, the building suffered extensive flood damage and was the center of a battle between Osbourne and his local government after his plans to convert a barn on the property into an apartment was found to be disruptive to a bat population.

After the flooding, the Osbournes decamped temporarily to their Los Angeles home, where they'd dealt with yet another fire in 2013. If Ozzy's home insurance premiums are through the roof, however, he at least seems like he might have a good sense of humor about it: In the fall of 2005, he included a new version of Arthur Brown's "Fire" on his Under Cover LP.

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