Original Beatles' drummer Pete Best may have achieved more notoriety for not being in the Fab Four, but the skinsman will be forever immortalized in Liverpool, thanks to a new street being named in his honor. According to Paste, the power of Facebook factored into this decision, as 10,000 users engaged in the "Name a Street After Pete" campaign to the Liverpool City Council. Ah, the power of social media.

The street will be dubbed Pete Best Drive. Best, whose early contributions were vital to what the band went on to become, is rightfully stoked about having his own street, which will be located in a housing development near where he grew up. It's also not even a half-mile from the Casbah Club, which was launched by his mom Mona Best in 1959. The Casbah Club is important in rock 'n' roll lore because it was the site of many early Beatles gigs.

Best told the BBC that "I feel very humbled, very flattered and very honored that the city of Liverpool, council members and the people of Liverpool have thought to honor me in such a fantastic way."

The rhythm keeper isn't the only one being honored with a street sign. The Casbah club itself will also get its own street, called Casbah Close. Best said, "The Casbah Coffee Club was the catalyst for the Merseybeat sound. It was the original birthplace of the Beatles on Aug. 29, 1959, and it is great that I’ve been associated with that, as well."

Best was a bit wistful about this accolade, wishing that his mother could have been able to share in the joy that comes with being immortalized on street signs. He said, "I just wish that [my mother] was still here to receive the honor herself because she was the mother of Merseybeat and her memory, The Casbah Close, will live on alongside my name."

Best's brother/manager Roag said of the street naming, "The formative years of the Beatles were very much Pete’s years, and without these years, the Beatles would not have gone on to be the world icons they became."

Congrats to Pete Best on the honor. Or "honour," if you want to use British English.

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