On this day in rock history, the Rolling Stones found a sense of urgency on the platinum-selling It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. Inspired by their urban surroundings in Munich, the band displayed a fire missing on the previous Goats Head Soup, which had been recorded in sunny Jamaica. In fact, the Rolling Stones were so amped up that they completed the album without help from longtime producer Jimmy Miller.

Meanwhile, the shooting star that was Creedence Clearwater Revival fell to earth. In a mind-boggling run of creativity, the group issued three albums in 1969 alone. They also made signature appearances at Woodstock and on The Ed Sullivan Show. But CCR began to lose steam at the turn of the '70s and two years into the new decade, it was over.

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead was born on this date, Grace Slick joined Jefferson Airplane and ZZ Top released their back-to-basics album Recycler. Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick was also nearly killed while walking with a friend on Sunset Boulevard. Two stray bullets struck him in the leg and head, just inches away from certain death.

Watch an exciting recap of many of the day’s biggest rock anniversaries above, narrated by our radio host Zach Martin. And learn more about these important events by clicking the links below.

News Anniversaries:
Grace Slick joins Jefferson Airplane (1966)
Creedence Clearwater Revival breaks up (1972)
Keith Richards salutes Chuck Berry in Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll (1986)
Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick is shot (2003)

Album Anniversaries:
Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock and Roll (1974)
ZZ Top - Recycler (1990)

Bob Weir (1947)

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