It's become a cliche for Kiss fans to take pictures of themselves dressed and made up as their heroes. But one organization has gone in the opposite direction. On Sunday (June 3) a online community of nudists held a private function at the band's Monster Mini Golf course in Las Vegas, which opened in March.

The event was thrown by Nudist Clubhouse, who were holding their annual Expo (we don't need to elaborate on what was being exposed, even though that picture says enough) in Sin City last weekend. And as the old saying goes, what happens in Vegas, winds up on Kiss' website. For a morning, the players gripped their shafts and swung hard as they tried to get their balls in the holes in as few strokes as possible. But we're not going to speculate on what could have happened on the hole that features Gene Simmons' tongue.

According to the band's website, Nudist Clubhouse had so much fun that they're already planning next year's event. Maybe they can bring along noted golfer Alice Cooper. Still, we're not so sure if this wasn't an attempt by Gene to start a new photo collection after having been forced to burn his famous portfolios recently.