Noel Gallagher said he’d be happy to perform alongside a hologram of Liam Gallagher and claimed his estranged brother was “not actually real” anyway.

His comments came in a lighthearted interview that followed up on comments he’d made in 2016 about the collapse of Oasis seven years earlier. Back then, Noel said he’d “pay to see” the other members of the band appear without him. “We could start a rumor that I’m going to reform [Oasis] without Liam, and I’m going to use a hologram like Tupac at Coachella," he said.

Asked in a recent BBC radio interview if he’d really consider performing with a hologram of Liam, Noel responded: “I did say that once, right, in the press, that I was gonna stage the concert with holograms, and I think Liam took it seriously. ... Liam is a hologram anyway. I don't know if people know that, he's not actually real. ... But yeah, of course I’d do it. If anything ever changes, trust me, he would be the first to let people know about it.”

In 2016 Noel also said that he would have given Liam and the other members permission to continue using the Oasis name if they had asked him immediately after he quit. “On the day that I left, they could have had the name if they’d have, en masse, called me up. I would have signed the name off to them – but they didn’t,” he said, noting that although the idea was “hilarious” to him, he would have been “cool with it.”

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