While Bruce Springsteen's leftist political beliefs has long been reflected in his music, including his new release, 'Wrecking Ball,' the views of his bandmates are less well-known. However, in a recent interview, guitarist Nils Lofgren railed against what he considers to be a lack of seriousness on the part of the Republican presidential candidates towards the main issues facing America today.

"All you've gotta do is watch the Republican debates and you're just baffled at the bozo-ness and the embarrassment that is those candidates running for the highest office in the world," said Lofgren, who says he is not affiliated with any political party. "I think the 'Saturday Night Live' writers should be sending them checks while they're at the bar having a drink, because they don't have to do any work anymore. They just watch the campaign trail and the show writes itself."

Lofgren, who traces his disillusion with politicians back to his upbringing in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, continued, "The world's ass is on fire and they're calling people that want to go college snobs? Having debates about contraception? Guys, the friggin' house is on fire! Get the fire extinguishers! We'll sit around at the bar after the fire is out and talk about that insignificant stuff."

'Old School,' Lofgren's most recent solo album, was released in December 2011, and is available at his website. You can check preview his boss's new album over on iTunes right now.

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