Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has fired back at former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee. In a pair of tweets he blasted Lee's recent claim that Sixx and Tommy Lee tried to recruit him for the band.

"Isn’t it funny how the has been’s, never was’s, washed up long ago small career people all started coming outta the woodwork around the movie?" Sixx wrote. "I guess it’s their only way to get attention in 2019. God bless them. They must be desperate."

Later, he called it a "make believe story. Everybody wants [a] piece of the Crue now. Believe me. Almost 40 years together. We know our story way more than some shadowy worms."

Yesterday, it was reported that Jake said that his feud with Mick Mars, which has since been settled, began during Motley Crue's 1984 tour with Ozzy Osbourne, when Sixx and Tommy approached him. “They actually wanted me to replace Mick," he said. "You can understand that – fucking better looking and fucking better playing. They wanted me to replace Mick. Mick's in-law or whatever was funding the band, so that didn't happen.”

Jake then accused Mars of making an anti-Asian slur in a hotel room one night, at which point the two almost came to blows, with Robbin Crosby of Ratt having to carry him out of the room.

In the same interview, Jake denied that Osbourne snorted a line of ants at a hotel swimming pool, as depicted in both the book and movie version of The Dirt. “I was there, and I never saw ants,” Lee said. “I was right there. He snorted a little spider. There was not a trail of fucking ants there. Tommy says it, Nikki says it, Ozzy says it – they were fucked up. I was not. … I don’t care what the other guys say – there was no ants.”


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