Thin Lizzy fans rejoice! Just when we thought the last scraps had been eaten off the bone, news arrives to tell a different tale. Apparently, 2012 will see a brand new Thin Lizzy box set that will include previously unissued material chosen from what might be as many as 700 newly discovered songs.

Apparently, just before his death 26 years ago today, Phil Lynott gave over 100 tapes to a friend for safekeeping. These tapes included some unissued Lizzy material. Now, all these years later, the tapes have been found and may be headed your way soon. (100 tapes? Who did he think he was? Prince?)

The as-yet untitled box will cover the years 1971-1981, and will feature outtakes and alternate versions of classic Lizzy songs, plus material the band recorded but never issued. It is being assembled with hands-on input from guitarist Scott Gorham and original drummer, Brian Downey. Lynott died at age 36 on Jan 4, 1986 from heart failure and pneumonia. In 2005, a life-size bronze statue of Phil Lynott was unveiled on Harry Street in Dublin.

Despite being known to many on our shores as somewhat of a 'one hit wonder', Thin Lizzy has a large catalog of 100% kick ass rock and roll that is a must for all your rockers out there! Gorham still has a version of Thin Lizzy out on the road, most recently touring the US with Judas Priest.

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