In an effort to promote Revel, a new $2.4 billion casino, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has publicly asked Bruce Springsteen to meet him in Atlantic City during Labor Day Weekend. Gov. Christie made the request after touring the casino on Tuesday (March 27).

“I think Bruce would love the fact that state taxpayer funds have been invested to create jobs for working men and women,” said Christie, who arranged for a tax break for investors to help complete the project. “Those are middle-class New Jerseyans who are looking for an opportunity to support their families and put a roof over their heads.”

Revel is having an eight-week preview opening on April 2 in advance of its grand opening on May 25. Beyonce will open the resort's 5,050-seat theatre with three shows over Memorial Day Weekend, during which Springsteen and the E Street Band will be performing in Europe. He has not yet announced his tour plans for Labor Day Weekend.

This is not the first time the Republican governor, who has often declared his love for Springsteen's work despite a clear disagreement in political views with the famously liberal singer, has tried to engage Springsteen's services. He asked Springsteen to perform at his inaugural ball in 2010. After he was turned down, Christie hired a Springsteen tribute band.

While it looks like a longshot that, even if he were to agree to perform, a Springsteen concert will help turn around Atlantic City's longstanding economic troubles, we commend Christie on continuing to come up with new ways to try and meet his hero. Regardless, Christie says he will attend his 127th show when the 'Wrecking Ball' tour reaches the Izod Center in E. Rutherford next week.

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