Given their history, new album rumblings from the Guns N' Roses camp must always be taken with a grain of salt. But longtime keyboardist Dizzy Reed is optimistic that the follow-up to 2008's 'Chinese Democracy' could be ready in the near future.

As he told VH1 Radio's Dave Basner, "There's a lot of material that's already done and I think it's in the process of being finished and eventually we'll pick out which songs need to come out with which other songs. So that's in the works. Hopefully it will be out really soon."

Last month, guitarist DJ Ashba revealed that they're talking about trying to get into the studio before the end of the year. He said that Rose has "two complete albums worth of songs already recorded and probably a s---load of other stuff I’ve never heard. He’s played me quite a bit of stuff that’s phenomenal, and, hopefully, I can get my hands on it and put my little stamp on it, before all is said and done.”

This past spring, Axl Rose shed a little bit of light on those two albums. "[B]asically, we have what I call kind of the second half of ’Chinese,’" he said. "That’s already recorded. And then we have a remix album made of the songs from ’Chinese.’ That’s been done for a while, too."

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