Let's say you're an indie band re-emerging from a five-year hiatus and you want to make sure people are paying attention when you release your all-important fourth album. What's your plan? If you answered "Cover a Neil Young classic," you've just read Adam Miller's mind, because the Chromatics frontman did just that for his band's new record, 'Kill for Love.'

And they didn't just cover any old Young song, either -- they went and recorded their own version of 'Hey Hey My My (Into the Black),' adding plenty of reverb but shortening the title to the simpler 'Into the Black.' Points for chutzpah, right?

'Kill for Love' arrives on the heels of Chromatics' inclusion in the soundtrack for last year's exceedingly well-reviewed film 'Drive,' starring Ryan Gosling as a nameless hoodlum who drives a lot. Have a listen to their cover of 'Into the Black' while watching the song's official, retro-filtered video below. What do you think -- blasphemy, or cool new take on an old song?

Listen to Chromatics Cover Neil Young's 'Into the Black'

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