While he steadfastly refused to go into detail about exactly what's gone wrong between himself and former bandmate David Crosby, Neil Young made it very clear that the relationship is indeed fractured during an interview with Howard Stern this morning.

It would seem logical to assume the dispute is at least partially due to Crosby's recent comments about Young's rumored new girlfriend -- widely reported to be actress Daryl Hannah, although Young also politely but firmly refused to discuss that subject during today's interview.

When asked specifically what was behind the recent war of words between the two legends, Young initially only answered that "playing with [Stephen] Stills and [Graham] Nash in that band was really great ... " deliberating omitting Crosby. But later, when pressed by Stern about whether an apology from Crosby could still mend the fences, Young declared, "There's nothing to apologize for," and then continuing to cryptically explain that "it was fixable ... it didn't get fixed ... I did everything I could to make sure it got fixed."

If he is indeed the end of a chapter, at least Young's looking back on most of it fondly: "We were together for a long time," he stated. "We did a lot of good work." Earlier in the conversation, he also insisted, "I wish him the best with his life. There's love there, there's just nothing else there."

You can hear more highlights from Young's interview with Stern -- including his regrets about Buffalo Springfield, and exactly why he wouldn't let himself be filmed at Woodstock -- below.

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