Geffen Neil Young Lawsuit

Neil Young has always followed his restless muse into whatever project caught his fancy -- a fact that music mogul David Geffen apparently didn't take into consideration when he signed Young to a deal with his new company in the early '80s. Young's first effort for Geffen was 'Trans,' a disastrous foray into electronic music. Young then turned in 'Everybody's Rockin',' a rockabilly collection. Geffen filed suit against Young on Dec. 1, 1983, arguing that the albums he had delivered were "unrepresentative" of his music and that he had violated his contract. Young countersued, claiming his contract gave him complete artistic freedom. The suit eventually settled, with Geffen apologizing to Young. Bizarrely, Young recorded two more albums for Geffen before returning to Reprise.


 Watch a Video About the Geffen Lawsuit

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