Muse have released a new song, their first work since last year's "Dig Down" single. You can watch the video for "Thought Contagion" above.

"The meaning of the song 'Thought Contagion' is about how other people's thoughts, ideas and beliefs can sometimes infect your mind, get into your head and change the way you think yourself," explained frontman Matt Bellamy in a press release for the song.

This marks the second early taste of Muse's upcoming eighth album, which they are still working on. The LP will follow 2015's Drones, which debuted at No. 1 in the U.S., the British rock band's first stateside chart-topper. (Their past five albums have all reached the top in the U.K.)

Bellamy told Rolling Stone that Muse is still working on the new record, which he said was only halfway complete right now. But he likes the freedom of getting new songs out there without all the pressure to rush the LP. "It's nice to have that sort of quick turnaround rather than waiting for all the materials to come out with the album," he explained. "The album will be a very mixed bag. The songs are going to be quite different in spots and we're also interested in doing some genre-blending and era-blending."

"Thought Contagion," he said, was inspired by "watching American news stations." "We're living in an age where these sort of ideologies, people's belief systems, whether they are true or false, are getting a lot of air time, especially ones on the false side," Bellamy noted. "I think that we're living in an unusual period where a lot of airtime is being given to crazy ideas. The flip side is that we're living in a time where pointing out someone's inaccuracies, using science for example, is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes it's even perceived as an insensitive thing to do."

The video for the song – which features Muse's usual mix of flashy alt-rock and Queen-sized theatrics – is a neon-drenched dance party that plays into some of these modern-day anxieties.

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