Electric Mayhem, the psychedelic funk rock group helmed by the fearless leader Dr. Teeth, have to be one of your favorite classic rock bands. Ever. Look at the lineup! You've got the volatile Animal smashing away on the skins; that groovy chic Janice on guitar; Zoot on sax;  and Floyd Pepper thwapping the bass. How can you not love a band comprised of The Muppets? Electric Mayhem are once against thrust into the spotlight as 'The Muppets' movie is about to land in multiplexes this holiday season.

Electric Mayhem granted a rare, extensive interview to What's That Dude Play?, and these rowdy rockers shared what they've have been up to. A word of caution, though! Animal does not have anger issues! We swear.

"We’re, like, entirely copacetic, incredibly groovy," the mellow Janice said, with Dr. Teeth affirming, "…and ready to rock." That's a word familiar to Animal, who shouted "Rock! Rock!" That's certainly something the kit minder is adept at. Overall, the group was in sync and in good spirits during their chat.

With the new Muppet flick on the horizon, Eclectic Mayhem revealed that new music will be featured in the film. The good doc said, "I will say that this new movie features musical creations that are among our greatest…" Uh huh. Of course the creations are superior, as the crew joked that they never play the same thing twice.

Electric Mayhem may be classic, but they re not stuck in an era gone by. They're fluid, they evolve and they love OK GO! and Weezer. They did a video with both bands, in fact. Generational mashups, if you will.

They also offered some suggestions for up and coming rockers who hope to obtain and achieve the same measure of success as Electric Mayhem. For starters, never give Animal the keys or let him drive the tour bus… if you want to arrive alive. Also, they admitted that Animal had the briefest of sojourns at an anger management facility. He's still touchy about the matter so they tread lightly on the topic. Floyd explained that the beatsmith has a bit of a bad rap, saying, "It was a bit of a misunderstanding. Animal doesn’t get angry; he merely tends to express his passions at a much higher physical, decibel and percussional level than most." True dat! We still don't to want to run afoul of this master of rhythm!

Back to their musical tips and tricks. Floyd's advice was genuine and simple. He said, "Play for the love of the music and for saying what’s in your soul… not for the fame and fortune." When Dr. Teeth said, "Yeah, if you do the former, the latter—fame and fortune—will follow," Floyd replied, "Ours is due any day now."

It's overdue, guys!