Despite what appeared to be a recent health scare, Motörhead frontman Lemmy is feeling fine and just as ornery as ever.

As previously reported, the band was forced to cancel its planned Monsters of Rock appearance when "gastric distress and dehydration" sent Lemmy to a local hospital. Some worried that it might be related to the health issues that led to canceled Motörhead gigs in recent years, but it turned out to be less serious.

Just days later, the group issued a statement saying Lemmy was "feeling much better" and chalking the whole thing up to "a food-related tummy problem." But lest their use of the word "tummy" make you think Motörhead are going soft, they've since followed it up with an update reminding us that they're still as metal as ever.

"Great Motörhead show in Curitiba, great performance from Lemm," reads a post published to the band's Facebook account. "Glad that stomach bug has gone and hope he doesn’t get a hangnail tomorrow or else some people will once again be itching to over-dramatize the 'news'!" The note concludes with a profane hashtag complaining about "f---ing irresponsible reporting."

Here's hoping Lemmy watches his diet for the remainder of the tour, which will keep the band on the road for much of the summer; they're scheduled to play throughout Europe during June and July. Later in the year, they're due to set sail on their 2015 MotörBoat Cruise, followed by a series of German dates in November.

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