Motörhead's latest tour remains on pause while guitarist Phil Campbell recuperates from an unspecified illness, but according to recent reports, the band should be back on the road again soon.

The cancellation of tonight's (Nov. 30) performance in Aarhus, Denmark is the third consecutive Motörhead show that hasn't taken place as planned. Campbell's hospitalization kept the band from playing in Hamburg, and they subsequently postponed their Nov. 28 show in Berlin, rescheduling it for Dec. 9.

On the bright side, it appears as though Campbell's living up to the band's insistence that he'd "be better soon." According to Billboard's sources, current plans call for the tour to resume in Gothenburg, Sweden on Dec. 1 — great news for concerned fans who saw the rumor (already debunked by Motörhead's publicist) that Campbell had passed away.

Long one of hard rock's heaviest-touring live acts, Motörhead have endured a run of bad luck on the concert circuit in recent years, including a number of dates that have been canceled, postponed, or prematurely ended due to an array of health problems suffered by frontman Lemmy Kilmister. The band was also forced to cancel a recent appearance in Paris due to the terrorist attacks that took place in the city.

While they've faced adversity on the road, Motörhead are enjoying something of a renaissance on the charts: the band's most recent release, Bad Magic, cracked the Top 40 in the U.S. after its release in late August, and peaked at or near the top of the charts in a number of other countries.

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