It's the stuff that dreams are made of, especially if you're a tribute band, and Vince Neil gave the guys in Crued the ultimate honor by joining them for a performance onstage in Toronto Thursday (Sept. 13) night.

The singer had booked an after-party following the band's Toronto performance with Kiss and had the popular Motley Crue tribute band play. Neil, still hobbling from his broken foot he suffered earlier in the week, joined Crued for a pair of songs during their set.

'Smokin' in the Boys Room' got a rousing cheer from the audience, and 'Wild Side' (footage below) was also part of the set, with Neil trading off parts with the band's singer.

Blabbermouth reports that Crued stated after the event, "Last night was the s---, man! Vince Neil, broken foot and all, came on stage to perform two songs with Crued, and he said we rocked and we're a tribute who does it right and he had a great f---ing time! The club was packed, the show was awesome!!! Thank you, gods of rock and roll!"

Crued have now played with both Motley Crue vocalists, as John Corabi joined the band at a show earlier in the year.

Watch Vince Neil Perform With Crued