Amidst all the hoopla surrounding the announcement of Motley Crue's final tour, it seems one important fact has been overlooked: the band is not actually breaking up.

Our first clues came from Loudwire's talk with singer Vince Neil and bassist Nikki Sixx at this week's big farewell press conference. When asked if the group would reunite to play if inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, neither closed the door. Neil said they'd have to discuss it, and Sixx explained that what they were promising was to do was "cease to tour." The implication would be that special one-off events such as the Hall of Fame could still be a possibility.

Now Neil has clarified this statement even further, and even more interestingly, has indicated that the band will still work together in the studio. In an interview with KDKB in Phoenix, he said, "Here’s the thing. Motley Crue’s not breaking up. We’re still gonna be making music. We’re still [gonna be selling] merchandise and stuff like Motley Crue things." While explaining that they might not be trafficking in full albums anymore, he suggests, "We’ll probably just make music — do songs for certain things. Motley Crue will still be around, we’re just not gonna tour anymore. That’s really kind of it.”

When asked again if the group would play at a Hall of Fame Induction, Neil predicted, "Probably so, but that would probably be it. I mean, there’s no more touring.”

So, if you're a rich oil baron hoping to lure the band out of retirement, think again. “Somebody just brought up … ‘Okay, how about this? If a Saudi prince had a birthday party for his daughter and gave you $10 million each, would you do it?’ [And we wouldn't.] It’s like everybody’s looking for the loophole, for the gray area. We’re done.”

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