It sounds like Motley Crue will end their farewell tour back where the band started: Los Angeles.

Confirming earlier rumors, Crue singer Vince Neil told the Las Vegas Weekly, "The last few shows are going to be Vegas and L.A., because we wanted to end in 2016 in Los Angeles where we started. After New Year's, we'll do three nights at one of the arenas in L.A., and then do a special show at the Whisky a Go Go on our 35th anniversary." That echoes comments he made to Rolling Stone last month during an interview in which he said, "It's gotta be there. It's the only place to end it. I'm hoping we do it on January 17th, 2016. It'll be our 35th anniversary."

Drummer Tommy Lee backed up Neil in the Rolling Stone interview, adding, "There's talk of a couple of nights at Staples or the Forum. Afterwards, there might be a 1AM show at the Whisky, where we really started this s---. I mean, f---, we all lived around the corner from that piece-of-s--- club. It would real nice to finish off there."

Bassist Nikki Sixx thirded the calls for one last L.A. homestand, saying, "I dream about getting in my car after the final bow. I'm going to drive home, alone, with the radio off. I'm going to drive pass the Whisky, the Roxy, the Rainbow and the Troubadour. I'll drive up to my house, put the key in the door, walk in, turn around and be like, 'Where did all the f---ing years go?' Then I'll close the door and wait for the next chapter."

But don't expect that next chapter to begin right away, cautioned Neil -- there are still plenty of dates to get through first. "I'm sure we'll come back and do the States again," he pointed out. "There are a lot of cities we aren't playing [in 2014]. We also have to do Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Japan and Europe. We have a long way to go."

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