A series of technical problems marred the opening night of Motley Crue's much-anticipated farewell tour, reportedly forcing the band to stop the show three different times early in the set.

But Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars persevered and finished strong -- delivering a 20-song set that mixed gigantic hits, a couple of welcome rare gems, and even a brand new song. "Tons of bugs, mistakes and other opening night stuff, but we had a blast," Sixx reported via Twitter. "Loved playing 'On With the Show' tonight."

According to MLive, the problems started just three songs into the show when the head on Lee's kick drum broke, ultimately forcing the house lights to come on for a 10 minute delay during which Mars riffed on Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing.' Lee encountered further problems a couple of songs later, and shortly after those were corrected Mars had trouble with his monitors and guitars. "We're breaking down," Neil cracked with gallows humor. "(At least) you guys can always say you were here."

Hear Motley Crue Debut 'All Bad Things'

Luckily, it seems things settled down after that, and soon the band arrived at one of the most anticipated highlights of any Motley Crue tour: Lee's always outrageous drum solos. As you can see above, he one-upped their previous tour's stage-bound "drumcoaster" by having the tracks extend high and far over the audience this time. His 10-minute showcase led into a dramatic take on 'Shout at the Devil,' complete with Sixx showing off his supercharged new flame-throwing bass.

Watch Tommy Lee's Drum Solo

From there, the parade of set-closing hits was off and running, from 'Live Wire' to 'Dr. Feelgood' to 'Girls, Girls Girls' and finally 'Kickstart My Heart.' The band returned to play their encore ('Home Sweet Home,' naturally) on a small, unadorned set nestled in the middle of the crowd. That intimacy was mixed with even more spectacle halfway into the song, as both that platform and the band ascended high into the sky while sparks showered down on the main stage from the band's pentagram-shaped lighting rig.

Motley Crue's 'The Final Tour' -- featuring fellow rock legend Alice Cooper -- returns to the road tomorrow night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Anybody want to bet against these opening night glitches getting fixed in extremely short order?

Watch 'Home Sweet Home'

Watch 'On With the Show'

Watch 'To Young to Fall in Love' 

Watch 'Live Wire'

Motley Crue Setlist, 7/2/2014:

'Motherf---er of the Year'
'Wild Side'
'Primal Scream'
'Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)'
'Looks That Kill'
'On With the Show'
'Too Fast for Love'
'All Bad Things'
(Guitar Solo)
'Smokin' in the Boys' Room'
'Without You'
'Saints of Los Angeles'
'Anarchy in the U.K.'
'Too Young to Fall in Love'
(Drum Solo)
'Shout at the Devil'
'Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)'
'Live Wire'
'Dr. Feelgood'
'Girls, Girls, Girls'
'Kickstart My Heart'
'Home Sweet Home'


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