The Monkees will celebrate their 50th anniversary by making the jump to hi-def.

According to a new press release, all 58 episodes of the group's television series will make their Blu-ray debut in 2016 as part of a deluxe box that will also include their feature film Head as well as "loads of extras." Available for pre-order exclusively at the Monkees website, the box is currently scheduled for a January release.

Manufactured in a limited run of 10,000 individually numbered units, the box boasts episodes that have been newly remastered for HD from the original negatives, plus the 1969 TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee. Bonus material includes commentaries from all four Monkees, original Kellogg's Monkees commercials and more.

Originally released to theaters in 1968, Head also comes to the box with new extras, including never-before-seen outtakes. Other special features of what's being referred to as a "fan-only edition" include exclusive packaging and a 7" featuring two previously unreleased TV mixes.

It's all part of a 50th anniversary celebration that begins Sept. 8, which marks the placement of the original Hollywood Reporter ad in which Monkees producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider announced a casting call for "four insane boys." Roughly a year later, the show premiered, followed shortly by the group's self-titled debut — which, like the three subsequent LPs they churned out in 1967, went to No. 1 on the chart.

The press release hints at "many surprises planned" for 2016, and fans wishing to stay abreast of all of next year's Monkeeing around can sign up for the group's official mailing list at the Monkees site.

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