Proving once again that actor J.K. Simmons can make even the most awesome things better, a new video has emerged pitting his ruthless music teacher from the film Whiplash against Mike Portnoy and a Hello Kitty drum kit.

The latest video from our friends at Loudwire is a clever mash-up of their previous gem, which featured Winery Dogs and Metal Allegiance drummer Portnoy attempting to play "Name That Tune" on a ridiculously small toy drum kit. As if that wasn't enough pressure, now Portnoy also has to contend with short-tempered, abusive conductor Terence Fletcher from the acclaimed 2014 film.

Fletcher / Simmons remains calm at first, gently interrupting as Portnoy attempts to play Rush and Led Zeppelin songs on the miniature kit to ask for changes in tempo. As anybody who's seen the movie surely expects, it's only a matter of time before the demanding conductor loses his patience – and the drum kit winds up in a shattered pile on the floor a few short seconds later.

Thankfully recovered from the psychological trauma he endured here, Portnoy and the Winery Dogs (which also features bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist Ritchie Kotzen), are currently on tour in support of their sophomore album, Hot Streak. Be sure to check out the video for their new song "Oblivion."

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