Mike Portnoy is known for his huge drum kits. So what happens when he gets behind a setup that's not only four pieces, but a Hello Kitty kit made for a child? Well, he makes the best of it, as you can see in the above video.

The Dream Theater and Winery Dogs drummer stopped by the offices of our sister site Loudwire, where he agreed to show off his chops for the staff. But instead of a normal kit, he was shown a toy kit comprised of a snare, one tom-tom, a kick drum and a lone cymbal.

"What the f---?" he said upon seeing it, with mock horror and rockstar ego. "Where's my tour manager? I specifically requested the Pokemon kit. I never play Hello Kitty. Obviously, the f---ing guy did not get the rider [...] But I'm an artist. I'm a professional. I'll rise above."

He proceeded to play a few bars of the drum parts of songs by Kiss ("Strutter" and "Love Gun"), Slayer ("Criminally Insane" and "Raining Blood"), Led Zeppelin ("When the Levee Breaks"), Metallica, Rush  ("YYZ" and "2112") and Iron Maiden ("Where Eagles Dare). Sometimes it went down smoothly, but on a few occasions the kit was unable to handle the beating he was giving it, to amusing results. On one occasion, the cymbal was dislodged.

The Winery Dogs released their second album, Hot Streak, last Friday (Oct. 2). The next day, they began a month-long tour of the U.S. You can see all the dates here.

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