Mick Fleetwood has filmed his own version of the TikTok video that renewed interest in Fleetwood Mac's classic “Dreams,” and said the person who’d come up with the original clip “had it right.”

Nathan Apodaca found viral fame when he shot himself skating and drinking fruit juice while singing along to the 1977 song – Fleetwood Mac’s only No.1 hit. To date, it’s accrued around 20 million views and 4 million likes, and he’s received over $10,000 in donations.

The band’s drummer posted a copycat clip, where he’s seen cruising in a similar fashion while drinking the same juice and singing along to the same song. He noted that Apodaca “had it right,” adding: “‘Dreams’ and Cranberry just hits different.”

You can watch both clips below:

Apodaca, 37, told the Los Angeles Times that he’d had to speak to the boss of the Idaho potato warehouse where he works after he went viral. “I was like, ‘So, I don’t know what’s going on. I have some things going on where I have a couple interviews. I just need to get this taken care of,’” he said, to which the boss replied: “We’re proud of you. We’re excited for you.”

He signed up to TikTok after seeing one of his daughter using the platform. “I seen her doing some of the dances, and I was like, ‘Wow, that looks pretty cool,’” he said. “And I was like, ‘I know I could do that.’… And then she filmed me, and me and her started doing it. Then she’s like, ‘Whoa.’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s pretty cool. We actually did it; we made a video.’” Once he’d achieved an early level of success he was ready to stop. “Because I was like, satisfied, happy. And then my oldest daughter is the one that told me, ‘No, you got followers. You’re dumb if you just stop now.’ I was like, Well, what am I gonna do?’ She’s like, ‘Well, duh, you always dancing. Just dance!’”

Apodaca bought himself an embroidery machine to create his own merchandise line, which is now on sale, and he’s acquired a management company too.


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